A healthy and rewarding working life

…we work actively to train apprentices and develop the skills of our employees

InstallatørGruppen is dedicated to cultivating a work environment that attracts and retains talent. Our commitment includes offering engaging assignments, competent leadership and ample opportunities for talent development.

We focus on occupational health and safety and aim to achieve a Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) below 5.5. To further improve safety, InstallatørGruppen plans to develop and provide health and safety training to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge.

In line with our focus on sustainability, we strive to have 100% of our employees trained in our sustainability training programme. We will also train our apprentices in sustainability so they gain skills that contribute to the green transition of the future in their technical fields.

Our work culture is characterised by an open atmosphere that promotes happiness, encourages innovative thinking and supports continuous training. We believe in the importance of maintaining a positive and dynamic work environment. To measure this, we conduct annual employee surveys.

InstsallatørGruppen has signed the Diversitetsløfte (Diversity Pledge).

DI’s Diversity Pledge is designed to help companies promote diversity, inclusion and equality.

The Diversity Pledge provides tools and knowledge to move from good intentions to specific action.

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