Minimal environmental footprint, with consideration for the earth's resources

Every day, the companies in InstallatørGruppen work to install and service solutions that contribute to better energy efficiency, lower resource consumption and the use of renewable energy. Based on a double materiality assessment as well as market, competitor and trend assessments, InstallatørGruppen has selected two special focus areas within environment and climate and set short-term and long-term goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

1. Products and services that help our customers in the green transition

InstallatørGruppen wants to incorporate sustainability practices into all aspects of its operations. By 2030, 100% of InstallatørGruppen’s projects and services will therefore offer customers either Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) on all materials used.

In the quest to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, InstallatørGruppen aims for a 30% reduction in emissions from buildings, specifically those related to technical installations, by 2030.

By 2026, we aim for 60% of InstallatørGruppen’s revenue to be eligible according to the EU taxonomy, 40% of which should be compliant.

2. Minimise our own environmental impact

InstallatørGruppen is dedicated to minimising its own environmental impact. Our long-term goal is to become CO2e neutral (Net-zero) by 2050. In pursuit of this goal, InstallatørGruppen has set specific targets for 2030, including a 30% reduction in CO2e emissions and transitioning to using 100% renewable electricity in our own buildings. These ambitious goals reflect our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable energy practices within our operations.

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