Group of local
companies with strong

InstallerGroup consists of companies within electricity, plumbing, fiber, ventilation, and cooling systems. Our ambition is to create an international market leader based on local roots and strong customer relationships, combined with extensive market knowledge and economies of scale, as well as systematic investments in sustainability and environment, workplace, and professional quality to professionalize the industry.

All companies in InstallerGroup continues to maintain their local management authority, their logo, company name, locations, etc. As part of InstallerGroup, the partners have access to a broad network with valuable collaboration opportunities and cost savings on purchases. We combine local roots and close customer relationships with economies of scale and group synergies.

InstallerGroup creates a great opportunity to become a part of something bigger without having to relinquish local management authority.

High expertise

High expertise

Within the next three years, our aim is to become one of the leading installation companies in Denmark specializing in electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and cooling systems. Our group endeavors to be at the forefront of its industry, distinguished by a high level of technical expertise.


Leading in sustainability

Our goal with this business is to create a business model that combines local roots with the extensive possibilities of a large corporation to provide comprehensive solutions to our costumers. We aim to contribute to a more sustainable construction environment and take a leading role in the green transition.

Growth through acquisitions

Growth through acquisitions

Our business model is to build this company through acquisitions with the following characteristics:

  • Strong local market position
  • Strong financial position and many years of experience
  • Competent high-level management